Having your own corporation

Gomez Law provides a thorough and comprehensive range of corporate services to ensure that your business operation in Costa Rica will run smoothly, allowing you to concentrate on making money. The costarican legislation allows both nationals and non-nationals (residents or non-residents) to constitute and own corporations so that they may engage in any licit activities.

In accordance with article 17 of the Commercial Code, there are four types of mercantile entities: Anonymous Society (S.A.) Limited Liability (S.R.L or LTDA) Commandite or limited partnership (S.E.S.) General partnership (S.E.C.) Usually, the Anonymous Society and the Limited Liability are the most used corporations, and our corporate department offers you the possibility of purchasing a pre-constituted company or begin the incorporation process from scratch.

The following list includes the main corporate support services we provide in conjunction with the described incorporation service: – By law modifications. – Appointment and revoking of officers and legal representatives and the granting of powers of attorney (special, general and unlimited). – Appointment of the company´s resident agent. – Legalization and reposition of corporate books. – Custody of files, documents and corporate books.